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We hope you will find information to help and encourage you in the vitally important issue of keeping the Lord's Day - a principle laid down by God himself in creation. Sadly, in these days, too few Christians realise the importance of this issue in the health of the church and our nation at large.

Today, the organisation - previously known as the Lord's Day Observance Society - under the name of Day One Christian Ministries campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest; our day of rest is increasingly under threat as retail businesses, sports events and entertainment seek to make Sunday just another day to make money.


Day One also has a very significant work in DayOne Publications as well as supporting the Daylight Christian Prison Trust. That's why the whole organisation is now called Day One Christian Ministries.

Luke and Anthea - the Salt & Light Cafe, Herne Bay

John Roberts writes...

I have known Luke and Anthea for a number of years, and it is clear that this Christian couple have a desire to serve the Lord and use the gifts He has given to them.

In this age of compromise, even among professing Christians, this couple have made their intentions very clear. They  run a café bistro in a seaside town, and although Sunday is a popular day for visitors, they have honoured the Lord by keeping His day as He intended –  a day of rest from our labours. But more importantly, a day to set our thoughts, not on seeking prosperity, but on reaching to much higher things, the things concerning Almighty God.

If you visit, or are near Herne Bay, I would encourage you to pay them a visit; show your support for them, but above all pray that they will be a witness in the town. Read more

Youth Ministries - Tirzah Jones

Sadly, at the last Council Meeting it was concluded that we should close the Youth Department of Day One. This naturally means that Tirzah will be looking for new full time employment. With the shortage of funds for the youth work and training events being booked it was the only conclusion that the Council could reach, however sad that conclusion was. Day One will still produce youth material and all the other areas of its work continue as normal.

While Tirzah is looking for new full time employment, she is still able to offer training through her own venture of Teach Ministries UK.

Her new web site is

The email address is or she can be contacted on 0787 903 1621

John Roberts asks...

John Roberts looks at the Ten Commandments and asks, ‘What’s wrong with this nation that has had such a great Christian heritage and has influenced so many people throughout the world?’ Read more...


The ongoing blessing of giving away DayOne Diaries in prisons

Gerard Chrispin tells how the Day One Diary still helps in prison gospel work.

I thank Day One for getting me into prison work for Christ about twenty years ago. Day One’s then leader, John Roberts, had received invitations from Prison Chaplains to send a Day One representative to go ‘behind bars’. I was that privileged person who first took the gospel ‘inside’ for Day One Prison Ministries. On the principle of ‘buy one – get one free’ Phillippa came too. Read more

What's the most difficult decision you've ever had to make? By Ruth Sutherland

Before you read this article I want you to pause and consider two questions:

Depending on your stage of life your answer to the first question may have involved a decision regarding what course of study to pursue, what career path to follow, where to buy a house or perhaps a decision regarding marriage or children; difficult decisions, all of which require thought and consideration.

I suspect your answer to the second question may have been more thought-provoking from the point of view that it’s not a question we often consider. Easy decisions do not cost us a second thought, they require no real consideration or significant pondering.

I’m going to share with you a decision of mine that was both the most difficult and the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. Read more...

Prison Ministry Website

This ministry has continued for 38 years and now up to 190,000 copies are distributed to 167 prisons and Young Offenders Institutions. The diaries have also been requested by prison workers overseas, such as Canada, Australia and Cyprus.

Lives have been changed through this ministry, and Chaplains are constantly asking for them. 

Your support for this ministry would be much appreciated and an encouragement to us as our desire is to maintain this important ministry that God has opened to us.

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