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The Fourth Commandment and the Gospel

This is a summary of an address given at the annual rally of the local branch of Day One in Stornoway in June 2016.

One of the great statements in the Westminster Confession of Faith is that the uses of God’s law ‘are not contrary to the spirit of the gospel, but do sweetly comply with it.’ It is perhaps not a point that we have explored much; after all, are law and gospel not the very opposites of each other? Read more...


Nicholas Bownd, The True Nature of the Sabbath with Introduction and Analysis, edited by Chris Coldwell

Author: Iain D Campbell

Nicholas Bownd lived from around 1551 to 1613, and pastored a small parish church in Norton, Suffolk from 1585 to 1611. In 1586 he preached a series of sermons on the biblical doctrine of the Sabbath; these sermons were published in 1595 under the Latin title ‘Sabbathum Veteris et Novi Testamenti’, literally ‘The True and New Testament Sabbath’.

The book led to a remarkable controversy (according to the editor it was the first Sabbatarian controversy in England), and subsequently to a republication of the book in an expanded edition in 1606.


I have to confess that prior to the publication of this edition of Bownd’s book I was not aware of him, in spite of the fact that I had read a substantial body of Puritan literature. But Bownd’s material was so influential that it coloured the reflections of the Westminster Assembly and the doctrine both of the law and the Sabbath which subsequently appeared in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Read more


Victory won but the battle continues

The head of the Horticultural Trades Association, Raoul Curtis-Machin is still pressing for garden centres to trade longer than six hours on a Sunday which at the moment is the limit for trading.

He said that 170 Parliamentarians have signed a petition to Chancellor George Osborne to allow exemptions for garden centres so that they can trade for longer than six hours on a Sunday.

Mr Curtis-Machin also added ‘the HTA had not given up on extending opening hours as they are a unique sector dealing with live products. We’ve got to keep going with it.’

The Government, and Mr Osborne in particular, were greatly stunned by the recent unexpected defeat and may not want to engage in yet another battle on this contentious issue. 

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