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We hope you will find information to help and encourage you in the vitally important issue of keeping the Lord's Day - a principle laid down by God himself in creation. Sadly, in these days, too few Christians realise the importance of this issue in the health of the church and our nation at large.

Today, the organisation - previously known as the Lord's Day Observance Society - under the name of Day One Christian Ministries campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest; our day of rest is increasingly under threat as retail businesses, sports events and entertainment seek to make Sunday just another day to make money.


Day One also has a very significant work in DayOne Publications as well as supporting the Daylight Christian Prison Trust. Together, they form Day One Christian Ministries.

DayOne's MD Mark Roberts writes:

What a year 2020 has been. For some it was a year that will never be forgotten and for others it was a year that we will want to forget but cannot.

It has been a year that sadly, some have lost loved ones; some have been ill; others have lost their jobs, and unfortunately, maybe for the first time, some have suffered from mental health issues.

We have had to learn how to use Zoom and other types of software to communicate with others and function as churches and businesses.

But God has been good and His gospel continued to be proclaimed and people have been saved.

It reminds me that God never forgets His people. We may want to forget 2020 and maybe for some good reasons, however God will never forget or abandon us. Why? Because He says so. Hebrews 13 v 5 - “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

We can have confidence in God’s Word and in God Himself; He makes promises and keeps them because He has the power to do that. We promise much – especially at the beginning of a New Year with many different New Year resolutions. Get fitter, Lose weight, Read more.

That’s just three that we regularly make, and yet so often in a few months they have gone, broken or forgotten. Disappointment kicks in as we have to admit that we don’t have the power to carry out the promises that we have made to others, ourselves and God.

But Praise Him, He does have the power to keep and fulfil His promises, so we can be assured and rest in them, even during one of the most difficult years that many of us have had.

And as we journey through 2021, not knowing when things will return to some sort of normal we can remember and be assured that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

The Day of Light - by Howard Sayers

In what is planned to be a series of short articles we shall be thinking in terms of the  hymnwriter John Ellerton’s hymn ‘This is the day of light’ with the prayer that follows ‘Let there be light today’. The day to which he refers is obviously the first day of the week and what Christians, in line with the Scriptures, call ‘The Lord’s Day’. As a society, DayOne’s mandate is to take a firm stand for the Lord and His Day in the present generation where it is so often slighted and its testimony not recognised. An earlier generation called the Lord’s Day ‘The Queen of Days’ and ‘The Market Day of the Soul’. We neglect it to our own detriment. 

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Meet Joseph of Arimathea - by Timothy Cross

One of the major, ‘minor’ characters of the Bible is a man by the name of Joseph, who hailed from the Jewish town of Arimathea. Truth be told, we do not know a great deal about this Joseph - it is as though he walks in and out of the limelight in just a few seconds.

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Hot off the Press! Ready for Easter

There is hardly a more important topic for the Christian to consider than the resurrection. It is the one thing that makes our faith unique. There is no greater victory than victory over death and Ian McNaughton’s book examines its reality, impact and importance from a variety of angles. Written with the pastoral insight for which McNaughton is known for, The Resurrection provides some vital insights on the most vital of subjects.

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Also...Were you there?

The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most significant events in all of human history. This book by Gerard Chrispin focuses on that event from the point of view of the various eyewitnesses who were actually ‘there’. Featuring a series of fascinating snapshots from both friend and foe alike: a politically motivated Roman governor, godless rulers, released murderer, a traveller forced to carry Jesus’s cross, a Centurion who supervised the crucifixion, Mary who watch from the foot of the cross. Used to handling witness reports, Chrispin, a former criminal lawyer, describes the events surrounding the first Easter in imaginative detail and challenges the reader to act on their significance.

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Dealing with Disappointment - by Timothy Cross

Just as the weather brings us both showers and sunshine in varying measures, so also, God’s providence sends us disappointments as well as joys. We all experience disappointments from time to time, and some of these can be very crushing. What is disappointment? The dictionary defines the verb ‘disappoint’ as ‘to fail to satisfy the hopes or expectation; to frustrate hopes etc.’

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Coronavirus Covid 19 tract by Roger Carswell


This is an evangelistic tract that winsomely shares the gospel, and talks into the situation of Coronavirus. It is ideal to give away to friends and neighbours and in large numbers. They are only 10p each


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The lastest magazine has articles entitled...

Meet Jospeh of Arimathea

Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the Lord

Dealing with Disappointment

The Day of Light

Joseph Lister

Day One Magazine
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Mark Roberts interviews Gerard Chrispin about his revamped evangelistic boooklets

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Day One publish an amazingly varied selection of Christian books as well as stationery, cards and other gifts. Books include commentaries, daily readings, children’s books, youth work resources, evangelistic booklets and coffee-table format books on creation and the Bible.

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The blessings of a day of rest

John Roberts writes:

If creation did not crash when God rested, it won’t crash when we do.

Let us be reminded of the basic principles behind this day of rest.

It is God’s gift at the beginning of time.

After six days of creation, God gave to us a day for rest and worship. It was a day that would be of benefit to the whole human race that would follow. Adam was in perfect relationship with his Maker, so if he needed such a day we, who are fallen creatures, need that day even more. We must not despise God’s gift to us.

It is embodied within God’s moral law.

The Ten Commandments, which are for all people and for all time, were given to us by God; written by His finger and spoken by His voice. They were not to be a burden to us, but a blessing. Whilst we could not keep them perfectly, they pointed us to the One who could, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This day is a weekly reminder of the resurrection of our Lord.

The sixth day reminds us of God’s work in creation. The first day reminds us of His work in redemption. Every Sunday brings to our attention the fact that the Lord Jesus is no longer in a tomb, but has risen from the dead. Because He lives, we will live also if we are God’s children.

This day is for our physical, mental and spiritual benefit.

God created us; therefore He knows what is best for us. He knows our frame and that we need rest for the benefit of our bodies. Our minds are also under constant pressure and need a day to unwind. Our souls need the opportunity to remove from earthly things that dominate our lives to heavenly realities.

Let us thank God for this gift which should be precious to every believer.


John Roberts asks...

John Roberts looks at the Ten Commandments and asks, ‘What’s wrong with this nation that has had such a great Christian heritage and has influenced so many people throughout the world?’ Read more...


Sylva Trophy goes to author, forest scientist and woodland owner Professor Julian Evans 

A forest scientist, author and woodland owner of international renown, Professor Julian Evans, has been awarded the 2019 Sylva Trophy for outstanding contributions to forestry.

The Sylva Trophy is donated by Patrick Evelyn, a direct descendent of John Evelyn, author of the seminal 17th century ‘Sylva or a Discourse of Forest-trees and the propagation of Timber’ and is awarded annually.

On receiving the award, he said: “‘I am humbled, delighted but above all surprised to receive this great honour. I am doubly blessed to receive it from Patrick Evelyn, a direct descendent of the great John Evelyn, as a part of my own woodland was once owned by the great man’s sister-in-law. Also when lecturing on trees in the Bible my final quote is always from Evelyn’s Silva: ‘In a word, and speak a bold and noble truth, trees and woods have twice saved the whole world, first by the ark and then by the cross; making full amends for evil fruit of the tree in paradise by that which was born on the tree in Golgotha.’

Since Julian’s book God’s Trees, was published four years ago he has given over 120 presentations all over the country in cathedrals, at prayer breakfasts, to secular groups etc - offering the above quote from Sylva at each of each of them!

The ongoing blessing of giving away DayOne Diaries in prisons

Gerard Chrispin tells how the Day One Diary still helps in prison gospel work.

I thank Day One for getting me into prison work for Christ about twenty years ago. Day One’s then leader, John Roberts, had received invitations from Prison Chaplains to send a Day One representative to go ‘behind bars’. I was that privileged person who first took the gospel ‘inside’ for Day One Prison Ministries. On the principle of ‘buy one – get one free’ Phillippa came too. Read more

If you would like to support the work of giving DayOne diaries to prisoners, please download the leaflet below where you will find all the information you need. 


Day One Prison Ministry Leaflet
Prison Leaflet 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.4 MB]

Prison Ministry Website

This ministry has continued for 38 years and now up to 190,000 copies are distributed to 167 prisons and Young Offenders Institutions. The diaries have also been requested by prison workers overseas, such as Canada, Australia and Cyprus.

Lives have been changed through this ministry, and Chaplains are constantly asking for them. 

Your support for this ministry would be much appreciated and an encouragement to us as our desire is to maintain this important ministry that God has opened to us.

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