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We hope you will find information to help and encourage you in the vitally important issue of keeping the Lord's Day - a principle laid down by God himself in creation. Sadly, in these days, too few Christians realise the importance of this issue in the health of the church and our nation at large.

Today, the organisation - previously known as the Lord's Day Observance Society - under the name of Day One Christian Ministries campaigns for Sunday to be a day of worship and rest; our day of rest is increasingly under threat as retail businesses, sports events and entertainment seek to make Sunday just another day to make money.


Day One also has a very significant work in DayOne Publications as well as supporting the Daylight Christian Prison Trust. That's why the whole organisation is now called Day One Christian Ministries.

The Sabbath...God's ongoing covenant day

Howard Sayers considers God's covenant plan for the Sabbath Day.

"One of the greatest challenges to Christianity today is the theory of evolution. To deny creation in seven 24-hour days strikes at the heart of the Christian faith. It inevitably questions the reality of man’s fall into sin and his consequent need of a Saviour. Evolution is dependent on a life and death cycle and can only lead in the end to hopelessness and despair." Read more...




Day One publish an amazingly varied selection of Christian books as well as stationery, cards and other gifts. Books include commentaries, daily readings, children’s books, youth work resources, evangelistic booklets and coffee-table format books on creation and the Bible.

Click here to go to Day One's publications website. 


Gardens and Plants of the Bible

In a series of three articles, Andrew Stone looks at what we can learn from the plants and flowers of the Bible. All plants, flowers and trees were made on day three of God’s creation week. They were created firstly to glorify God their creator, but then also to provide food for all the animals, birds, insects and fish – and of course mankind. But God doesn’t do things in a bare minimum fashion. God is a super-abundant creator who makes things the way he does because he can and for his own glory.  " Read more...


John Roberts asks...

John Roberts looks at the Ten Commandments and asks, ‘What’s wrong with this nation that has had such a great Christian heritage and has influenced so many people throughout the world?’ Read more...


Amazon deliveries on Sundays

Some years ago we approached Amazon as we were concerned at Amazon orders being delivered on Sundays. It is now possible to opt out of Sunday deliveries. At the Amazon website, select "Your Account", then select "Your Addresses", and then "Edit". Scroll down and click on "Weekend delivery" and uncheck the "Sunday" box. 

The ongoing blessing of giving away DayOne Diaries in prisons

Gerard Chrispin tells how the Day One Diary still helps in prison gospel work.

I thank Day One for getting me into prison work for Christ about twenty years ago. Day One’s then leader, John Roberts, had received invitations from Prison Chaplains to send a Day One representative to go ‘behind bars’. I was that privileged person who first took the gospel ‘inside’ for Day One Prison Ministries. On the principle of ‘buy one – get one free’ Phillippa came too. Read more

Prison Ministry Website

This ministry has continued for 38 years and now up to 190,000 copies are distributed to 167 prisons and Young Offenders Institutions. The diaries have also been requested by prison workers overseas, such as Canada, Australia and Cyprus.

Lives have been changed through this ministry, and Chaplains are constantly asking for them. 

Your support for this ministry would be much appreciated and an encouragement to us as our desire is to maintain this important ministry that God has opened to us.

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