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British Museum highlight DayOne books.

Author: Mark Roberts

For a number of years we have supplied books and run tours linked with the British Museum in London. After a meeting we had with them they have agreed to take more stock and highlight them all in the bookshop.

We are the only evangelical publisher that the Museum buys stock from. It is good to know that among all the titles they sell, they have good Christian based books.

The British Museum is the most popular place to visit and a tour with DayOne will bring the Bible to life. Please see our web site for more details of our tours or contact us in the office. Details are on the back of this magazine. 

Let me encourage you to read

Author: John G Roberts

Many people who receive our magazine are most likely avid readers. However, there may be some who just dip into a book on very rare occasions, or may never have read a book in their life.

Throughout my teens and early twenties, reading was not for me. I would rather play and watch sport than sit with a book. I wanted, and needed physical exercise, not to sit and engage my mind.

When I met Kathryn, who eventually became my wife, she informed me that one of her enjoyments was reading. Great! Just what I needed to know. She was surprised when I told her that for the first twenty-two years of my life I had hardly read a book. ‘Right,’ she thought, ‘we will soon rectify that problem’; and she did.

Now we both love to spend time reading and feel better for doing so. Kathryn will read a significant number of books each year, covering many different subjects. I am well behind her expectations, but improving and enjoying it. One regret I have is that I didn’t commence earlier.

There are so many Christian books to read. Yes, there are bible commentaries, and doctrinal books suitable for all ages and abilities. There are also biographies, books on history, on archaeology, and to relax, a wide selection of Christian novels. Autobiographies can be very stimulating and exciting books to read.

Michael Lynton made the following statement, ‘The book is the greatest interactive medium of all time. You can underline it, write in the margins, fold down a page, skip ahead, and you can take it anywhere.’

If you are not a reader, give it a try. Look through a catalogue and see the wide selection before you. There will be something that will grab your imagination and interest, and possibly, in time, turn you also into an avid reader. 

Going Up!

The British Museum is experiencing extraordinary growth in the number of visitors passing through its doors, up to 2,500 per hour. When the Museum opened in 1759 they had 5,000 visitors a year, now it is approaching 7,000,000. Thankfully the trustees are not going to bring in entrance fees, so it is still one of the best days out in London.

Day One are so grateful to God that not only do they stock ‘Through the British Museum’ with the Bible, but also Evidence for the Bible in their shops. We pray that God may be pleased to continue to use the extraordinary exhibits for his glory. 

Dedicated God's Trees Website

DayOne’s first coffee table book has done so well that it now has its own website: This is mainly because invitations to the author, Julian Evans, to speak on the topic have grown remarkably, with 28 such presentations in 2015 alone.

The success of the talks is that they are not dry botany, but a way of presenting the gospel that is unlike any other – by looking at what trees and wood in the Bible can tell us. As is highlighted on the website, ‘What we learn about trees in the Bible affirms scripture and enriches our understanding of God’s purposes supremely fulfilled in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Talks on ‘God’s Trees’ have also been given to many non-church audiences such as U3A, WI, science societies, and, perhaps not surprisingly, forestry groups; but most have been at prayer breakfasts, ladies’ meetings, evangelistic events or one-off special occasions.

Go to the website to see where upcoming talks are taking place, what others have said about them, and to book Julian for your church or fellowship or any other group. Alternatively, you can contact Julian Evans via Day One if preferred. 

Travel Guide for new MP

A Member of Parliament elected for the first time in the 2015 General Election has been presented with a key Day One Travel Guide book.

Andrea Jenkyns MP (Conservative) astonished the country when she defeated Ed Balls the sitting MP for Morley, West Yorkshire. The town has traditionally always returned a Labour MP. Miss Jenkyns scraped victory on a wafer thin majority.

Members at Morley Community Church felt it would be wise to establish a positive relationship with the new MP at the beginning of her term of office. They invited her to their church harvest festival and used the opportunity to present her with an inscribed copy of the Day One Travel guide – Houses of Parliament – Cradle of Democracy.

In her speech of thanks to the church she admitted that she had been very surprised to be elected and was still getting used to being an MP. She confessed that as a newcomer to national politics she knew very little about the history and layout of the ‘mother of parliaments’. She said she was grateful that she now had a book which would provide key background information about her workplace! She would also use it when showing constituents around the House.

Miss Jenkyns commended the church for its on-going and imaginative work in the town as well as its projects and outreach into the community.

Church secretary Andy Dalton said that they hoped this initial contact would facilitate future occasions when they could have an exchange of views with the MP on issues of concern to Christians – especially legislation on the Lord’s Day. He also commented that the Travel Guide was a novel gift for any MP or Lord as it skilfully wove together the history of British democracy, architectural heritage and the Christian faith. He said, “this book highlights the enormous influence the Christian faith has had on parliament and nation. It made an excellent gift for our MP.”

Morley Community Church is a mission congregation of the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches and a key supporter of Day One in the West Yorkshire area. Each year the church distributes thousands of Day One Living Word Calendars and uses hundreds of ‘Footsteps of the Past’ books with local pupils in connection with their annual schools Bible exhibition.

Day One Publications

Day One is now one of the leading Christian publishers in the UK. From small beginnings, it now has a very substantial range of titles. These cover Bible commentaries, biographies, children's books, study guides, topical issues - not forgetting the diaries, calendars and cards. For more  information, go to


Publishing Ethos

  • Faithfulness to the Bible - it is the Word of God
  • Relevance to the Modern World - God's word needs to be applied
  • Excellence in publication quality - everything needs to be honouring to God

They also have a striking common look - most have a white cover with a red stripe, easy to find on any bookshelf! 

"It a great encouragement to see Day One making such excellent progress. Their publications are always biblical, accessible and attractively produced, with no compromise on quality. Long may their progress continue and increase." 

Dr John Blanchard

'I continue to be thankful for the publications of Day One. They are biblical; they have sound theology; and they are relative to the issues at hand. The material is condensed and manageable while, at the same time, being complete—a challenging balance to find. We are happy in our ministry to make use of these excellent publications.'

John MacArthur, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Community Church, California.


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