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Why Sunday?


Stuart Olyott answers the question as to why should we treat one day differently?

To find the answer, we have to go to the Creator's handbook - the Bible. Read more

The Sabbath - an article by Timothy Cross

Life in Bible times was physically demanding and tiring. Our modern conveniences – such as electricity, cars and advanced medicine – were all unknown in those days. Yet God’s people were never more than a week away from a welcome break and holiday – a true ‘holy day.’ We refer to the Sabbath day. The word ‘Sabbath’ comes from the Hebrew verb ‘to rest or cease.’ The Sabbath was a commandment of God ordained for His peoples’ blessing and benefit. It was a means of  physical rest and refreshment and spiritual renewal. Read more


John Roberts writes:

If creation did not crash when God rested, it won’t crash when we do.

Let us be reminded of the basic principles behind this day of rest.

It is God’s gift at the beginning of time.

After six days of creation, God gave to us a day for rest and worship. It was a day that would be of benefit to the whole human race that would follow. Adam was in perfect relationship with his Maker, so if he needed such a day we, who are fallen creatures, need that day even more. We must not despise God’s gift to us.

It is embodied within God’s moral law.

The Ten Commandments, which are for all people and for all time, were given to us by God; written by His finger and spoken by His voice. They were not to be a burden to us, but a blessing. Whilst we could not keep them perfectly, they pointed us to the One who could, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This day is a weekly reminder of the resurrection of our Lord.

The sixth day reminds us of God’s work in creation. The first day reminds us of His work in redemption. Every Sunday brings to our attention the fact that the Lord Jesus is no longer in a tomb, but has risen from the dead. Because He lives, we will live also if we are God’s children.

This day is for our physical, mental and spiritual benefit.

God created us; therefore He knows what is best for us. He knows our frame and that we need rest for the benefit of our bodies. Our minds are also under constant pressure and need a day to unwind. Our souls need the opportunity to remove from earthly things that dominate our lives to heavenly realities.

Let us thank God for this gift which should be precious to every believer.

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